Road to the Neuropharmacology Debate: Week 7

Hello again all,

I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to write a wordpress blog this week so I thought I’d just do one in case. It was a pretty short and slow week simply because we had pretty much finished everything and the merely the finishing touches were being applied. Our script was finished by last weekend and the power point presentation was finished shortly thereafter. The remainder of the week was fixing some formatting issues here and there (in terms of the power point) and just trying to guess what our opposition was going to argue.

Since I was speaking for my team I also spent some of the week practicing. After completing my initial script, my speech was something like 13 minutes. So I had to do some editing and got it down to 11, then 10 and then finally a consistent 8. So by Wednesday we were all ready to go.

As you all may now the debates are now complete. Congratulations to everybody because they were all fantastic presentations. Really great job everyone :D. But the specifics of our debate will be discussed in the final wordpress blog and that will be heading your way some time next week. Until then, well done everybody, good luck for the remainder of the course. I’ll see you at the final wordpress blog next week 😀

Have a great weekend 😀

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