Road to the Neuropharmacology Debate: Week 6

Hello everyone. I must admit that this week seemed as if it was a little bit slow or stagnant in terms of the neuropharmacology debate. This however, was mainly attributed to the fact that the midsem was this week (not to mention the other one million midsems we had for other subjects this week).

However, on closer inspection my team and I really observed that we’re closer to the end of the assignment than we’ve ever been. We met up on Thursday this week (since there was no lab) and we literally went over our arguments and what we were going to be saying in the debate. It seems that we have reached the point where we have all of our information and now its just down to putting all together and finely tuning everything. We’ve got a huge amount of information for all of our arguments and like I just said it’s just a matter of fine tuning everything and placing it together nicely. I’m going to continue our script (since I’m the one speaking) and my team is still doing some great research work, throwing facts at me every now and then so I can implement them into my speech. Also, I am just about to send my team our script so far so that they can start working on a power point presentation to accompany the speech.

I’m progressing quite nicely on our speech and I am pretty certain that I’ll have it completed by the weekend. This means that the remainder of my team (because so far they all work extremely efficiently) should have a nice, honest and simple power point presentation completed shortly thereafter (since they are working on the presentation as I work on our script). Then i guess all that’s left to do is… debate. And I am still so excited to debate I actually can’t wait. At the meeting yesterday I was quite hyperactive and I think my team realised just how excited I was.

Finally, I think we’re still working great as a team and this can be seen via a decision we made at our meeting this week. My team told me that they had spoken to Nicole and she suggested that ethical considerations were quite a weak point (because only embryonic stem cells have these concerns). Because of this we made the decision to scrap the ethical considerations (which I was for because I didn’t like the idea) and I suggested a new argument (involving the development of other drugs rather than the development of stem cells). To be honest, this was something I was thinking about for a couple weeks (especially after the neurotrophin lecture) and so my team and I have already gathered great information. In other words, it won’t take too much time at all. So yes, that has been my team’s week. We are all getting pretty excited and it’s sad to say that this will probably be the last formal week update. It was a lot of fun and I’m really excited that we’re almost finished. I can’t wait for the debates and best of luck to absolutely everyone that is involved. Good luck guys 😀

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