Road to the Neuropharmacology Debate: Week 5

Hello again it’s that time of the week again. So quite a bit of work done this week. Since last week my team and I gathered some solid information regarding our first point (basically all of our information). I’ve started writing our speech and am currently writing our first argument so that is also going quite well. Hopefully I’ll have a large chunk of my speech done very soon. Meanwhile my team is already gathering information in regards to our second argument for the debate and have already started uploading a bunch of articles and written word documents on our google drive. So once I have completed writing my first argument for my speech I’m just going to start (and hopefully complete) my second argument. This should occur within the next week. So I have more or less been collecting my groups information (as well as mine) and have been basing my speech off that (as well as some debating lingo and some verbal styles I have as an orator). I’m really hoping I don’t disappoint my team with my speech. I’ve offered to debate the entire 8 minutes because I love to debate and I just really want to do a great job for my team because they’ve done such a great job with collecting research and helping me out. So hopefully I’m at least okay when I speak and I don’t make an idiot out of myself.

Also, after the lab on Thursday one of my team members (Eileen) and I had a miniature meeting but we extended that to an online meeting on Thursday night. The meeting went very well we just all finished off our information regarding topic one and then started discussing the information regarding topic 2. I know that my fellow team members within the next week will also be looking for information regarding our third and final point this week whilst I simultaneously write my script and research my second argument. I’m aiming to have my entire script done a week before the debate itself (just after the midsem) and all my team and I will have to do after is fine tune. But things are coming together really well and we’re heading for the goal line.

One final thing we need to organise is a power point presentation. We have a good research under control, script and debate writing is currently being focused on and the last thing we really need to do is just put together a simple, honest power point presentation to go with our debate. We’re going to have a couple meetings this week (especially on Thursday since there is no formal lab) and I’m sure we’ll get started on that very soon. I’m still very excited about this debate and I seem to be practicing in my head (and sometimes embarrassingly out load) especially when I’m driving or by myself. Really can’t wait to debate it’s going to be good fun. Also, so far my team has been great and I think we’re working together quite nicely especially considering the many commitments we all have. One week closer and I’m sure we’re all hoping it goes well 🙂

See ya next week 😀

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