Road to the Neuropharmacology Debate: Week 4

Yes, Yes. Things are starting to get very interested. I am really starting to look forward to the debate. I am really, really in the mood to debate. This has been such an exciting assignment so far. It was a pretty good work in terms of team work and progress. My team and I literally just had an online group meeting and we sorted some things out. We delegated some roles to one another and each member was given a certain research task in regards to our first and MAIN argument. I would love to say what that is exactly, however I am a wee bit concerned that an opponent of ours may be following this blog.

Anyway, we’ve been delegated some researching roles and I’ve also delegated myself to start writing my speech (the script that is), since I am going to be the speaker for our team. I feel as if our team is finally uniting and becoming an actual team rather than an assortment of random individuals who study science and don’t really know each other. We’ve also made the decision to have some written work completed by the end of the week. That way we can gather all of our resources and learn from one another. It’s also going to be really important because I will use the information found by each member to continue writing and elongating my speech.

There are still a couple things we need to do however. Firstly (and most obviously) we need to continue our research to cover our second and third point (we have determined that we will probably have three main arguments). However, if we plan a team meeting rationally (similar to the way in which we did this week), we should have no problem organising our second and third arguments. Furthermore, I should soon send my speech script to the team so we can collectively construct a power point presentation to accompany the speech. This will add to and enhance our side of the debate as it will create a more professional feel (although I am sure that our opposition will also be doing this).

Finally, I am very excited to announce that we have developed our team line for the debate. Again I would love to share this, but the aforementioned eavesdropping on account of our opposition is making me nervous. So I guess we’ll have to wait until the debate to hear. Also, there was a little bit of an issue in regards to organising a team meeting this week as everyone was free at different times. However, we all managed to quickly and efficiently come up with an time to meet online and this problem quickly evaporated (which is great). Hopefully, if this problem arises again we can surely solve it the way we did this week (that is, we can all say a time that we are free and compromise for one another).

So that’s about it for this week. I’m feeling very excited and so far all i can say is… I can’t wait for the debate. See ya next week 😀

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