Road to the Neuropharmacology Debate: Week 1

Hello all!

My name is Kosta Kotsidis, I am a third year Medical Science student and I am majoring in Neuroscience. I must firstly say that my reasoning for taking up a course like Neuropharmacology is certainly mainly influenced by my love for Neuroscience. As a neuroscience major I personally find the human nervous system to simultaneously be the most complex and fascinating thing in the universe. It has interested me for as long as I can remember and I have wanted to study Neuroscience for just as long. However, I also dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon one day (pray with me) and thus my interest has shifted to treating neurological diseases and to drugs used in the contemporary era. Thus, my decision to study Neuropharmacology was a simple one.

After a couple of glances at the Neuropharm course manual I must admit that I am really, really, really looking forward to the study of various Neurological diseases and their treatments. As I mentioned earlier this really does seem to be the fundamental core of my interests and I am definitely glad to see that a large chunk of the course is dedicated to Neurological diseases and their associated pharmacology. Since I am expecting such a captivating series of lectures and practicals I can hopefully enhance the course via the addition of my knowledge of neuropathology and neuroanatomy. Many of the students in enrolled this course have yet to study any neuroscience and I could hopefully assist this students with some general (and in some cases specific) neuroanatomy as it will help with the understanding of drug mechanisms of action. Analogously, I’m sure that these students would certainly assist me with their pharmacological skills if it is their major. Finally, hopefully and I really do mean HOPEFULLY, after I complete medical science I will make it into a postgraduate medicine and surgery degree. It’s what I’ve wanted to be since I was able to talk and I really can’t think of anything I’d love as much. Neuropharmacology is just one more subject assisting me and pushing me towards my goal.

Now, a recent and successful team experience that comes to mind happens to be the last group assignment I had for another Neuroscience subject last semester. The subject was Muscle and Motor Control and the task was to form a group of 4 and make an educational video about a topic of our choosing. Our group formed immediately (we happened to be four friends doing the course) and we chose to make a video explaining the physiology behind the patellar reflex. I truly believe that we split up our work load perfectly. One member focused on all of the images used in the film (she collected them, drew them and labelled them). Another member created the text and explanations to company the images and a third edited the video. She placed images and videos with text and cut and pasted her way to a clear, concise and overall well-made video. Finally, I was the narrator and presenter and I wrote my own scripts. I’m also very proud of coming up with the idea of editing my face on a knee and having a talking knee explain the patellar reflex. I also spoke in a foreign accent and made the knee Scottish just to try and make it funny. We did amazingly well and our course convenor commented that our video was one of the best ten made. He also embarrassed me by showing our video to all students and thus my face on a knee was seen as I yelled vigorously in a Scottish accent. And to be honest, that is really the role I love to play. I love to brainstorm idea, I love to help anyone with whatever it is they’ve been allocated, but I really, really love to talk and present. I am so excited for the debate and my first task is to convince my group to allow me to talk (because when I do, I don’t shut up). The debate is approximately 6 weeks away and as I said I’m really looking forward to presenting. I shall see you all next week!


One thought on “Road to the Neuropharmacology Debate: Week 1

  1. Thank-you for your first entry, I hope the course will fulfil your expectations.
    Seems as though you have had some recent success with your teamwork experiences (the Scottish knee sounds interesting!), I hope this will continue with the task at hand. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress on the task in your next entry.


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